Dear Bo

Sweet gus cover shot

Hey!  So, my Mom just read me an article in the paper all about you, and I thought it was time I dropped you a line.  I was a little disappointed when the Obamas chose you instead of a Labradoodle, but it looks like you’re doing a great job over there!  Pretty cool that you even have your own baseball card.  I don’t really know what a baseball card is, but maybe I can get one too if enough people want to know about me one day.  I’ll have to look into it.

I heard about all the stuff you’ve been doing, and you remind me a lot of myself when I was younger.  Don’t worry, you’ll soon learn that there are lots of things that taste better than sneakers and magazines, and I’m sure your family will start to keep things tidier so you don’t get into them as much.  Mine did.  Just make sure you don’t eat anything that’s labelled “top secret” – you’ll probably get heck for that!

I think it’s great that your goal is to make friends with foreign dognitaries.  I bet there are some cool dogs that come to visit you from faraway places.  Sometimes we have to be the ones to remind our people that we all have so much in common, despite what they seem to think.  Some of my best friends are totally different than me, and we all hang out at the park together just fine.  I even get along great with lots of little tiny dogs, even though their owners are sometimes worried because I look so big and powerful.   I’m pretty good at knowing how to run and play nicely without hurting them.  Sometimes I get a little possessive if another dog takes my ball, but my mom has learned that we usually work things out ourselves if our people just stay out of it.  My family has made a ton of new friends because of me, and everyone gets along just great.

I’m glad to hear that you’re helping Barack to deal with all the stress of his job.  Good for you!  I know that my mom has been writing a lot about how I help her to unwind, and how getting outside every day with me helps her to balance out all the other stuff she has to deal with.  Whatever your dad does, it sounds pretty stressful, so he’s lucky to have you around to help out.  He sounds like a cool guy if he can pause to appreciate the magic of the moment late at night with a bag full of poop.  I think he and my mom would get along great.

That’s really neat that your favourite food is tomatoes – me too!  In fact, I’ve discovered that the local ones really are the best, and they’re in season right now.  We have lots in our backyard, and I’ve been helping myself whenever no one is looking.   Have you been able to check out the ones from Michelle’s garden on the lawn?  I’ve heard that her garden is really something, and I’m sure the tomatoes there are great.  Give it a try.  Just be careful you don’t trample all the other stuff – you might get in trouble for that.

I hear you’ve been to charm school.  I did that too when I was little.  I don’t know why, but our people get so excited when we do things like sitting or shaking a paw whenever they ask.  I can even do “high five” and “roll over.”  Truthfully, it all seems kind of dumb to me.  I mean, have you ever seen any of them tell each other to “sit” all of a sudden when they’re just walking along or doing their thing?  Whatever.  All in all it’s no big deal to me, and they get so excited when I do it right on cue, especially if someone important is watching.  Besides, I usually get a cookie anyways.  I love cookies.

It sounds like you’ve got things all figured out over there.  Especially the part about loving your family.  When it comes right down to it, that’s really what matters most.  I’m sure Malia and Sasha are crazy about you the way my family is about me.   It seems like every ten minutes someone is coming over for a hug or a cuddle.  And if my mom and dad are hugging, I usually bark and nose my way into the hug too.  It makes us all feel good.

Well Bo, I just wanted to say hi and touch base.  Keep up the great work.  It sounds like you’re becoming pretty famous and you’re doing a lot to remind people of some simple but important stuff.  Hey, if you’re ever up in Canada; look me up. I know we could have a lot of fun together.   I’m sure your dad has people who can track me down.

In the meantime, all the best,

keep on doing what you’re doing -it’s all good!

Love, Gus