Even though we all look different on the outside. . .

Gus and friends in Dolly's carPlease tell me, why can’t humans just figure this out?

Isn’t that a great shot?  There’s Gus in the middle, surrounded by his friends, Dexter, Ket, Oscar, Roxy, Kahshe and Mikey (the little white dog you can barely see tucked in the bottom).  I took this picture this afternoon as Gus came home from an outing with Dolly; the world’s most extraordinary dog-whisperer, walker, trainer, surrogate dog-mommy, and pork-chop handler (don’t ask!).

I couldn’t resist taking this photo because I was completely blown away by the image of all these very beautiful and very different dogs sitting peacefully together in the back of the car.  They had just come back from a huge romp in the park.

Now, don’t be naive.  Dogs have different personalities and temperaments and, as you might expect, there were apparently a few “moments” during the outing when some emotions did run a bit high.  No worries; one of the things I love about Dolly is that she really understands the dynamic that exists among the dogs, and she is amazing at facilitating harmony by letting the natural order of the pack fall into place.

Dolly knows how to keep everyone calm, and to step in when necessary, but it is incredible to see the way the dogs to tend to sort things out among themselves.  To me, what this picture really says is, “hey, we’re all different breeds and we all come from different backgrounds, but we have worked it out and can be here together peacefully.”

A great lesson for the rest of us, don’t you think. . . ?