Don’t Be Afraid To Make The First Tracks

So here we are again.  The fields are covered in snow.  The sun is blazing, despite the -15 degree temperature.  It’s a beautiful day to be outside, as long as you’re dressed for the weather.

I love to stand at the top of the hill and look down onto the sparkling expanse of snow below.  I’m always a bit reluctant to take the plunge and begin tramping ahead with Gus.  Somehow it seems a bit sad to puncture the pristine snow with my clompy boots and his prancing paws.  Never mind.  On we go, and before long, the field is a mess of footprints and pawprints; leaving evidence of everywhere we’ve been.   For the past two mornings we have spent ages outside in the fields; running and playing in the snow, and working up a sweat despite the freezing temperatures.  We’ve had the best time.

It’s a bit like life itself, isn’t it?  When we are about to begin something fresh and new, we stand on the brink, contemplating what we are about to dive into.  It’s often a mix of excitement, wonder and trepidation all rolled together that can keep us perched there; immobilized.  As if we’re afraid of ruining that perfect image before us with our footprints and actions, as we forge ahead into new territory.

You’ll think I’m nuts, but I’m reminded of something silly from my childhood.  When we were little, my siblings and I used to argue over who got to “break the rink” on a new jar of peanut butter, by being the first one to dig a knife into it.  (Boy, were we easy to entertain!)  I guess we knew then that it was less important to gaze at the perfectly smooth surface than to get on with taking the plunge, and enjoying what would come next.

Get going!

4 Responses

  1. Hey Janet! Love this post. 🙂

    I think it’s a tad late (or maybe I’m just sneaking in under the wire?), but after Tuesday I figured you might get a kick out of this video! (Candlelight – The Maccabeats)

  2. This is a wonderful photo. I love it!

  3. it’s funny how remembering the simple things make us smile the most! getting to break the skating rink was such an awesome feeling. (in fact, i am not even sure if any of us liked peanut butter all that much). it was about taking the first stab! … This was not to be outdone by the Glug Glugs! (for those of you not in the know, the Glug Glugs were the first glass of milk from a new milk jug. It got its Name due to the sound the milk made as it was initially poured out of the white plastic jugs of sold by Beckers). that delicious sound, combined with the bubbles made this the best tasting glass of milk. Any subsequent glass, just wasn’t as good.

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