A few good pictures are worth a thousand crummy words

As you may have gathered, I’ve had a pretty exhausting few weeks.  I’ve done my best to keep blogging through everything, and I am so grateful for all the feedback and support I have received.  Your comments have made me feel that what I am doing is worthwhile, and that I should continue with what I committed to.

I find myself completely exhausted this weekend – I think everything just caught up with me.  When I first decided to start blogging, my one concern was that I didn’t want to post anything that wasn’t worth reading.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t write garbage just for the sake of having a post to publish.

So, as I sit here yawning, realizing that it has been a few days since I posted, and trying to string together something of interest, I came to the conclusion that I’d take a little break. Today I’m going to give you something to look at instead.  Here are a few of my favourite photos of Gus – they always make me smile.  Enjoy!

Gus in the tall grass

Gus curious face close up

Gus asleep with his ball

sweet gus 2

Gus cozy in red blanket