A clean floor is highly overrated

Okay, I’ll admit it.  Right now the floor in my house is filthy.  No, I don’t just mean there’s a speck here or there.  I mean clumps of dog hair in the corners, pawprints up and down the hall, and big splotchy marks all over the kitchen tiles from I’m not sure what. . . that kind of filthy!  Sorry Mom, and all the rest of you who have this impression that I’m neat, clean and organized; but the truth is out.

In reality, it’s pretty much a full time job keeping a white tile floor clean when you have three teenagers and an 82 pound brown, furry, drooling doodle who spend most of their time there.  There are days when I do think it’s worth trying.  Like twice a month, after the cleaning lady has been with us.  I used to tell her that I was going to tape the kids to the walls for a few hours after she left, just to enjoy the clean feeling.  We keep a towel beside Gus’s water dish, and on those days we’re pretty good about standing over him while he drinks so we can dry off his beard as soon as he’s done.  You see, what happens is that he splashes water everywhere while he drinks, and then he wanders all over the rest of the kitchen dripping from his beard for the next 5 minutes or so.  Of course, if there is any dried dirt on his paws during this time, then it rehydrates as he wanders through the dripped water and. . . I think you get the picture.

The other thing about Gus is that, unlike most doodles, he does shed.  One of the reasons we chose his breed is that they are supposed to be “low to non-shedding.”  We always say that Gus failed that class.  It’s not his fault, but he does drop a fair bit of hair around the house, and it seems to accumulate along the baseboards, like tumbleweed.

So what’s a girl to do?  I could spend every spare minute following Gus and the kids around, and mopping, vacuuming and wiping up every drop, hair and crumb.  Frankly, I just don’t think it’s worth it.  If I have the choice of how I can spend my free time, then there are plenty of other options I can think of that will come ahead of floor cleaning.  When it’s all said and done, I hope I will be remembered for the important things I’ve done and left behind; not the status of my kitchen floor.

I came upon this little poem by an unknown author.  I think it sums up what I’m trying to say:

Dust if you must, but wouldn’t it be better
To paint a picture, or write a letter,
Bake a cake, or plant a seed;
Ponder the difference between want and need?

Dust if you must, but there’s not much time,
With rivers to swim, and mountains to climb;
Music to hear, and books to read;
Friends to cherish, and life to lead.

Dust if you must, but the world’s out there
With the sun in your eyes, and the wind in your hair;
A flutter of snow, a shower of rain,
This day will not come around again.

Dust if you must, but bear in mind,
Old age will come and it’s not kind.
And when you go (and go you must)
You, yourself, will make more dust.

Remember, a house becomes a home when you can write
“I love you” on the furniture…..


One Response

  1. As I sit here with my clean floor and my non-shedding poodle I lament for you.
    Shave his beard a bit and the dribbling problem will be solved. Those of us who have purebread poodles have other problems. See the picture I sent you in your email. We bought a dog proof garbage can…..it’s not Emma proof!!!!

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