Eat locally

Gus discovers that eating locally starts in your own backyard

Gus discovers that eating locally starts in your own backyard

The trend to eat locally grown food is a hot one this year.  We have been supporting it in several ways.  We are taking part in a community supported agriculture program through a fabulous local organic farm called The Cutting Veg.  I also try, whenever possible, to buy food that is locally grown, whether at one of the several farmer’s markets in the area, or right in our own grocery stores.  Finally, I have experimented with growing a few small crops at home this year.  We have enjoyed peas, onions, rhubarb, tomatoes, herbs and zucchini through the fruits of my (somewhat inconsistent) labour.  While I wouldn’t exactly call my harvest plentiful, it has certainly been a great learning experience, and a lot of fun!

Gus has been terrific as a backyard farm dog.  He has been respectful of the plants in the garden and on the deck, although he occasionally checks them out with great interest.  This morning, for some unknown reason, he decided that it was time to get in on the locavore trend.  I caught him in the act- stealing some of my prized cherry tomatoes.  I guess he decided that enough was enough, and they just looked too good!


2 Responses

  1. Hey Janet!! This is a really great start to what I have no doubt is bound to be a “fruitful” expolration of your brilliant wisdom. With Gus as your muse, there is no limit to the places you’ll go! Thanks for sharing!

    And I am really glad that we share a similar passion in promoting healing through food! What a joy!

    Good Luck,

    Ramona Astrid

  2. […] cool that your favourite food is tomatoes – me too!  In fact, I’ve discovered that the local ones really are the best, and they’re in season right now.  We have lots in our backyard, and […]

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